There is so much to learn about yourself through Human Design and discovering your Type, Strategy and Authority are a good place to start.
I use your unique birth data to craft a personalized Human Design chart (your unique energetic blueprint). My Readings allow me to support you to start exploring and diving deeper into understanding YOUR unique energetic makeup and how you are designed to interact in the world and make decisions that align with you true self.


In our one-on-one session I will share with you, your inherent strengths, potential challenges and untapped abilities that are revealed in your chart and provide you with profound insights into your unique energy makeup, communication style and relationship dynamics, empowering you to live a life that is authentically yours and quip you with the knowledge to align your life with your true nature, leading to lasting positive changes in mindset, well-being, and overall life satisfaction and Joy.


By understanding your unique design, you can align your life with your true essence and achieve greater personal fulfilment and start living your life on purpose.
I invite you to Join me on this transformative journey and unlock your limitless potential, you can find out more in the individual reading offerings below and book your session.

  • Intuitive Oracle card reading

    These readings are intuitive, inspiring and playful, I tap into universal energy and the guidance of the oracle cards to bring us messages and insights into what might be happening in our life and energy so we can contemplate how to move you forward, where you need to focus and what you might need to […]

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  • Human Design Type Readining

    There is so much to learn about yourself through Human Design, discovering your energy Type is the first and most important place to start.    In this mini reading we will explore the key aspects of your Human Design type including – Energy Type Aura Strategy, Authority, I will also share with you insights into […]

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  • Life By Design – 6-week integration coaching

    I will guide you in becoming more conscious in your life, work, passions and relationships and start to live more in flow and begin creating your life on purpose. 

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  • Human Design Foundation Reading

    My Personalized Reading service is designed to empower you on your journey of self-discovery, providing you with profound insights and guidance based on the principles of Human Design and the self- Discovery tools that have supported me on my journey.

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Start living your life on purpose

My individual readings, counselling sessions and coaching plans are designed to help you fully integrate the information Human Design has to offer into your daily life, and to receive clarity and support on your personal development journey. These sessions are tailored to your lifestyle and to where you are currently in your journey.

Dive deep with me into your personal awareness and gain the tools, guidance and actions steps you need to fully transform your life.

Send me a message here! and let's discover your unique energy blueprint together and build your life around you.

Love and light to you, beautiful soul.

XO Jodie

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